Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Give Back: With no cost to you

I work for a nonprofit organization and this past summer, Amazon Smile (something I had never heard of before) contacted the organization I work for informing us that people have tried to donate to us through Amazon Smile.

I knew what Amazon was I had no idea what this Amazon Smile was about. The letter asked us to set up an account with them so that people who were making purchases through Amazon Smile could select us as the organization they wanted .5% of their order price to be given to.

As far as I understood it Amazon Smile was making it possible for people to give back with no additional cost out of their pockets. Everybody wins!

Now there is no reason not to be supporting the nonprofit of your choice. I do all the shopping I can through Amazon Smile now, you should too, there is not reason not to.

What nonprofit will you support?

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